About the DreamGalaxy Team and Advisory Board

Our DreamGalaxy story starts with our values and vision! Our mission is to connect people and places through authentic storytelling across cultures and borders for lifelong learning, experiences, and growth.

Inclusive Multicultural Educational Stories and Media from All Over the World. Piloted in New York City, USA to Nairobi, Kenya, and now in 1300 cities and 150 countries globally!
A Globally Diverse, Experienced and Inclusive DreamTeam @itrustculture #TrustCulture. At The Pearl Dream, Inc. and our global subsidiaries or affiliates, we address the lack of global distribution and inclusive access for authentic multicultural educational media from news to curriculum and stories in print, audio, video and XR through our DreamGalaxy platform plus trusted brand network.
20+ years experience in technology, automation and business plus 8 global advisors!