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Great Books to Read with Your Kids in March

great books to read with your kids in march

Just as the daffodils are starting to break through the dirt and everyone is adventuring more and more outside, we cannot forget to take advantage of all these amazing books! Between outdoor adventures, St. Patrick’s Day, and Dr. Seuss’ birthday, there are many titles to choose from this month.

Check out these great books to read with your kids in March…

great children's books for march

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive right in.

Great Books to Read with Your Child in March

100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever!: First up on the list is written by yours truly. Since the weather starts to get warmer in March, this book is the perfect way to get outdoors and explore everything from bugs to animals. It is time to turn the great outdoors into a living museum for your kids!

Planting a Rainbow: This book teaches kids how to plant seeds and bulbs. It also gives them direction on how to care for those growing seeds. Big bonus! The illustrations in this book are amazing!

In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb: An adorable book with rhyming text and an excellent description of March in the form of a lion and a lamb.

Puddles: What type of joy can a rainstorm bring? Puddles of course! Grab your rain boots and get ready to explore puddles of every shape and size.


More Books To Read With Your Kids In March

The Wind Blew: Huge gusts of winds carry away everything out to sea. Before it is out of sight, the wind decides to bring it all back.

Kite Day: Take advantage of those high winds and get outside to fly a kite. In this story, Bear and Mole have to build their very own kite.

The Tiny Seed: Follow the life cycle of a seed along with the bright illustrations that can only come from an Eric Carle book.

The Curious Garden: A young boys finds a neglected garden and decides to take care of it. As soon as he the garden starts to grow it changes everything around him.


Great Books to Read to Your Kids for St. Paddy’s Day

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover: The old lady is back and hungry as ever in this classic with a St. Paddy’s day twist.

How to Catch a Leprechaun: This is a great book to read as you build a Leprechaun trap. Kids of all ages love to try and attempt to catch the magical Leprechaun who is impossible to capture!

The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day: There is so much anticipation the night before St. Patrick’s day. The Leprechaun trap is set… but will these kiddos be able to catch one?


Great Dr. Seuss Books to Read with Your Kids Anytime!

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is on March 2nd! Celebrate this incredible author by reading his silly yet wise stories. Here are some of our favorites.

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!: Take a trip down thinking lane with this clever book that will get kids to explore their thoughts and all of the ideas that can come with it.

The Lorax: This book is a great way to introduce environmental awareness to kids. It shows the cause and effect of your actions when using up natural resources around us.

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?: What a wise man Dr. Seuss was. Share that wisdom with your kids and teach them how to be grateful for everything they have.

What Was I Scared Of?: Give your kids a reason to not be scared of the dark with this cute story of a pair of pants… Scaredy-pants to be exact.


With all of these wonderful books to read will there still be time to tend the garden, celebrate the great outdoors as well as the silliest authors of all time? Of course! We are always looking for fun and educational ways to keep those kids busy and these books are the answer!

Feel free to share with me in the comments. What favorite books do your kids love to read in March?


More Fabulous Booklists For Your Kids!


Great Books to Read With Your Kids in March

100 Backyard Activities That Are the Dirtiest, Coolest, Creepy-Crawliest Ever a

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How the Pandemic Is Challenging Companies’ Product Development

how the pandemic is challenging companies product development
MB Market Trends Mar 4

The pandemic has forced companies to change how they develop products, and what they look for in incorporating feedback from educators and families.

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Inside New Guidelines for How Districts Will Judge Social-Emotional Learning Products

inside new guidelines for how districts will judge social emotional learning products
MB Anayst View Mar 4

Guidelines released by the influential group CASEL place an emphasis on programs and products supporting equity, and whether materials are developmentally appropriate for students.

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Juki TL2000Qi Sewing Machine Review

juki tl2000qi sewing machine review

Hi friends and happy Tutorial Thursday! Today I’m reviewing the Juki TL2000 Qi Sewing Machine. I’m also showing you how to thread, clean, and maintain the machine and a few little features I’ve discovered along the way!

jukitl 2000qi review
Juki TL2000Qi Sewing Machine Review 18

I’ve gotten so many questions about my Juki TL2000 Qi Sewing Machine, and what I think about it. So today I’m taking an in-depth look at this machine! I’ll show you all of it’s features, and show you how to thread it, wind the bobbin, clean it, and discuss whether or not it’s been worth the money!

Watch the Juki TL2000 Qi Sewing Machine Review here:

Supplies mentioned in this video:

So those are my thoughts on the Juki TL2000 Qi Sewing Machine. Overall I’ve been very happy with this machine! It’s been a great workhorse for me and has required very little maintenance.

Actually I have been cleaning and oiling it regularly since I purchased it, and…gasp…haven’t ever taken it in to be professionally serviced! That’s not to say that you shouldn’t get your machine serviced, but they always say it will be out for a few weeks and I just haven’t been able to let it go for that long. So I’ve been bad and just been cleaning it myself. But I also haven’t had any issues with it so…?

If you have any additional questions I didn’t cover in the video, please make sure to leave them in the comments below!

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Why Self-Care Is Important For Our Children Too

why self care is important for our children too

Self-care has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, and for good reason. As parents, we simply must take care of ourselves in order to take care of our children. But what about our kids, especially those who are gifted and twice exceptional? How do we help them learn coping skills and emotional regulation? How do we help them identify what they need to take care of their own bodies and souls?

self-care for kids


Self-Care For Parents Of Gifted Children

I am not sure there is any doubt at this point, that self-care is a necessity in our lives as parents. (If I hear the “put your oxygen mask on first” analogy one more time, I may scream.)

The reality is that practical self-care often looks a lot different than how self-care is portrayed on social media. Add the complex set of issues associated with neurodiverse, gifted children, and self-care can often feel like an overwhelming, yet another-thing-to-do task.

The good news is, self-care is not always bubble baths and vacations. Most of the time, it’s small, practical, and intentional choices that help us maintain balance.

Here are some small, realistic examples of practical self-care for parents of gifted children.

  • Going on a walk
  • Listening to a podcast while doing the dishes
  • Reading a book
  • Going to bed early
  • Hiding in the closet and eating chocolate
  • Watching a show with your husband

Now, if we can just stop feeling guilty for  doing them!

self care is important for children too


Why Self-Care Is Important For Our Children Too

We have an opportunity to teach our children how to develop self-care and coping skills the same way we teach almost any other topic.

It’s worth it! These skills benefit our children in a variety of ways. Decreased anxiety, increased self-confidence, and more comfortable social interactions are just a few of the benefits of self-care for our children.

self care is important for children too


Helping Our Children Develop Self-Care Strategies

These are just a few suggestions for incorporating this type of learning into our everyday lives with our children. 

Modeling Self-Care Skills For Our Children

One of the best ways to help our children develop healthy self-care habits, is to model them. 

This means being intentional about how we employ our own self-care and being overt in bringing their attention to it. For example, saying “I am feeling a bit low today. I am going to take a walk in the sunshine,” is far more effective than any lecture about the benefits of the sun on our moods.

Have A Plan For Your Child’s Self-Care

Whether or not your child struggles with executive functioning, they will likely need you to help them develop a plan for their own self-care.

For years, I have helped my kids pack a bag filled with items and activities to help them feel calm and centered when we are out and about. Because I helped them create this plan initially, as they have gotten older, they’ve learned to do it on their own.

Self-Care Practice Makes Perfect

It takes time for self-care and overall coping skills to develop. Please know, none of us are immune to the frustration that comes from trying to help our child, only to see them continue to struggle.

As with all social and emotional skills, our children need time, often years, to begin to feel a sense of understanding and control. Consider it practice, not a failure, when your child is not able to employ even the most well thought out plan for self-care.

Given time and practice, self-care can become an essential component of our children’s lives. 


A Conversation with Colleen and Shawna All About Realistic, Real Life Self-Care

self-care for kids


Colleen and Shawna take this episode to talk through the practical realities associated with self-care for ourselves and for our children. (Don’t miss Colleen’s story about meeting her husband in the driveway and Shawna’s son thinking her doing the dishes is somehow self-care!)

self care


Links And Resources From Today’s Episode


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March 2021 Printable Monthly Calendars

march 2021 printable monthly calendars

Happy MARCH 2021 friends! I have another freebie for you today, it’s time for my monthly printable calendars! Download the March 2021 FREE Printable Calendars here and add a little fun into your homeschool day. 

mar2021calendar coah2
March 2021 Printable Monthly Calendars 29

For kiddos who need more handwriting and number writing practice, I’ve created a traceable version where they can practice number formation and counting.

I’ve also created one with numbers already printed for students not ready for handwriting, or for students who already know how to write numbers well.

To use the traceable calendar: Have students use a marker or pencil to trace each number, then have student count up to today’s number.

To use the dot calendar: Have students a bingo dabber or small stickers to mark each day as it passes. Have students start back at one and count up to today’s number for counting practice. If they’re ready you might also encourage them to count only odd or even numbers.

Alternate advanced ideas:

Have students create a pattern as they write/mark their dates!

For example write odd numbers in red and even numbers in blue (ABA pattern). For more advanced patterns, use multiple colors to create more patterns.

You can also use stickers to create patterns, for example on day 1 put a star sticker, day 2 a smiley face, day 3 a star, and so on. See below for more pattern ideas.

mar2021calendar coah1
March 2021 Printable Monthly Calendars 30

Here are a few patterns you can encourage your kiddos to use when working with daily calendars:

  • AAB (i.e.: red, red, blue)
  • ABBA (i.e.: red, blue, blue, red)
  • ABAB (i.e.: red, blue, red, blue)
  • ABC (i.e.: red, blue, green)

There are lots of ways to create patterns, so feel free to get creative with your calendars!

Weather: I’ve also included a small weather graph at the bottom of the monthly calendar as well. Have students either color one square or put an “x” in one square for the appropriate weather each day. At the end of the month compare each weather type to see which type of weather was most/least common.

–>> Download the March 2021 Printable Calendar pages here!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy these monthly calendars and that they make your homeschool days a little more fun and engaging!