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RLL #103: Entrepreneurial Mindset with Brian Weisfeld

rll 103 entrepreneurial mindset with brian weisfeld

Here at Raising Lifelong Learners, we are very much concerned with promoting the social and emotional needs of gifted and twice exceptional children. Research shows that resiliency, adaptability, accepting rejection, and “bouncing back” from failure are some of the critical skills necessary for having a successful life. They are also vital skills for being a successful entrepreneur!

Today, Colleen speaks with Brian Weisfeld, girls’ entrepreneurship advocate and author of The Start Up Squad, about how encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset can be a key component to helping all kids, boys included, to develop these important life skills, follow their passions, and reach their full potential even beyond kids starting their own businesses.

RLL #103: Entrepreneurial Mindset with Brian Weisfeld

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ARIPO Director General talks about his vision for the future of the Office

aripo director general talks about his vision for the future of the office
Screenshot 2021 01 11 at 08.08.51

General Staff Meeting

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On assuming the role of Director General of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), Mr Bemanya Twebaze has had the opportunity to meet staff across the entire Organization to review the 2021 annual work-plans and to share his vision for the future of the Office with all staff underpinned under the theme “creating value together”.  In his remarks, the Director General highlighted that one of the major challenges confronting the Office relates to sustainability in the face of a rapidly changing environment and a shifting IP landscape in Africa in the wake of calls for more integration on the continent.

In response to these challenges, the focus is to build on past achievements and endeavors to deliver a Regional Intellectual Property (IP) Office that balances the needs of all its stakeholders, both in the current IP landscape and the IP environment through:

  • Strengthening the ARIPO Legal Framework;
  • Growth strategy through communication and demonstration of value of the Organization to its Member States and Users of the ARIPO System;
  • Financial sustainability of the Organization;
  • Human capital development to deliver value;
  • Positioning ARIPO for the 4th industrial revolution; and, 
  • Embracing COVID-19 induced opportunities for success post the pandemic.

In recognition of the responsibility to create value for the Member States and non-Member States, Users of the ARIPO system, the staff at the Secretariat, and the African continent at large, the Organization will transform itself through the simplification of internal processes and improved information and communication technology tools to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness. It is envisaged that there will be exciting times ahead, characterized by some stretching wherein everyone shall be held accountable for their performance and it is imperative for all staff to rally behind the vision to ‘create value together’. Most if not all staff expressed their commitment to rally behind the Director General’s vision to take ARIPO to greater heights

Source: ARIPO (A DreamGalaxy Trusted Brand)

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RFP for Curriculum Consulting in Pennsylvania; Maryland District Seeking Spec-Ed Services

rfp for curriculum consulting in pennsylvania maryland district seeking spec ed services

School management software, curriculum consulting, special education services. A charter school in Texas is looking for a school management platform; a major Maryland district has put out an RFP for wraparound services to support special needs students; and the city of Philadelphia is looking for a curriculum consultant focused on environmental science.

Recent Solicitations

Active/upcoming solicitations for goods/services

Arrow Academy Charter School, Texas

Purchasing Alerts

Focus: School management software
Students: 1,000
Deadline: Dec. 10, 2020
The plan: 
This charter school, which operates on four campuses in Bryan, Texas, is looking for a software system that includes a student information system, a business information system, and a human resources management system. The district is also interested in other functions, including website content management, and a parent communication platform. Questions should be submitted to Bradley Green at 

Montgomery County School District, Md.

Focus: Wraparound services/special needs students
Students: 161,000
 Dec. 16, 2020
The plan:  This major suburban school district is looking for wraparound educational services for students with special needs if a public or private school cannot be found to serve them. The support provided to students through the program can be academic, social or behavioral. Depending on the student’s needs, these services can include direct educational services, tutoring, counseling, medical care, transportation, transitional services, and other services. Questions should be directed to

City of Philadelp3h2ia

Focus: Curriculum consulting
Deadline: Dec. 23, 2020
The plan: The city of Philadelphia is looking for a consultant to align standards and embed environmental science standards in middle school curriculum for grades 6-8. The consultant is asked to facilitate curriculum design, development, and implementation for an introduction to environmental science unit for 9th grade and guide the strategic plan for expanding and implementing watershed curriculum in the elementary grades. The consultant must be proficient in curriculum planning, design, decision-making, writing and editing. Questions can be directed to Karen Young, at

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EdWeek Market Brief was assisted in gathering this information by BidNet, which uses proprietary technology to track buying at all levels of government across the United States and deliver tailored information to clients; and by GovWin from Deltek, which provides enterprise, mid-market, and small business customers with a comprehensive set of federal, state, local, and education government contracting market intelligence and leads.

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RLL #91: [Audioblog] How to Help Your Kids Thrive When They Are Stuck Inside

rll 91 audioblog how to help your kids thrive when they are stuck inside

Whether it is the weather or illness or unusual circumstances that keeps us close to home, there will be times when our kiddos will be stuck in the house. And while we don’t think it’s best for parents to be the source of “24 hour a day entertainment,” every family can use some help finding […]

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