28th the Crossing

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Decolonized history, language and culture series from Ghana’s leading animation studios exploring Africa’s history from an African perfective and a pan-African lens.
28th the Crossroads. 

28th the Crossroads is an animation film, set in the Gold Coast in February 1948, The film recreates the events leading to the Crossroad shooting of 2nd world war veterans in Osu in Accra. Woven around the lives of 3 war veterans, Sgt Adjetey, Corporal Attipoe and Lamptey whose expectation of coming home to a life of honour and respect for having fought for the British Empire is dashed when they walked into a life of failed promises and despair.

The film tells their frustrations, desperation and a determination to claim what is rightfully theirs. The veterans rally round Sgt. Adjetey with the expectation of restoring hope. A peaceful march on 28th February 1948 was to change their lives. However, events turn violent as six shots from the British Police Superintendent killed the three veterans, leaving sixty others wounded. Gold Coast was never the same again. 

In 2008, Parable Studios produced the original film, 28th the Crossroads. In 2020, Cyril Jones Abban, (Parables Studios) Alex Bannerman, and Samuel Quartey (Animation Africa), representing some of Ghana’s foremost animators with decades of experience in the art, collaborate to retell the story in a 60-minute animation film epic.  The all Ghanaian production team expects to premiere the film on 6th March 2020. Animation in Ghana will not be the same.