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DEAL ALERT: First Day Back to School Reusable Chalk Board is 50% off!

deal alert first day back to school reusable chalk board is 50 off
RM Deal 1

RM Deal 1

First Day Back to School Reusable Chalk Board is 50% off!
Number of stars: 4.2 out of 5.

REUSABLE CHALKBOARD SIGN to document each First Day of School! Includes blank space to fill in name, grade, date, age, height, and what they want to be when they grow up! Comes in a giftable box for safe storage between uses.
PHOTOGRAPHS PERFECTLY for family photos, scrapbooks, or sharing online with friends and family. Never forget these special moments!
REAL WOOD FRAME adds a beautiful, high end look to this reusable chalkboard sign! This is a sturdy, high quality sign that will hold up year after year. Thick, real wood center – not flimsy plastic like others!
LARGE 12″ x 16″ size – plenty of room to fill in all of the details! ***We recommend only using traditional chalk with this chalkboard. If you opt to use chalk markers and are having a hard time removing them, Magic Erasers work wonders!***
ALSO AVAILABLE DOUBLE SIDED! First AND Last Day of School in one reversible, reusable sign!

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