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Easy Fall Unit Studies for Homeschoolers

Now that fall is here, celebrate by going outside to enjoy the weather and by making hot apple cider! Here are some ways to celebrate in your homeschool, too, with these easy fall unit study ideas!

I love to celebrate our constantly changing world by creating unit studies surrounding the current season. This has the added benefit of keeping kids interested in learning and of preventing boredom. It’s fun to add in seasonal activities when you can. These might have to do with the seasons of the year, holidays, or events that are happening in the world or your community.

Use these ideas to create a unit study surrounding fall topics. Add in additional ideas that your kids love for a well-rounded fall unit study that everyone in the family will enjoy!


Literature and Language Arts:

Arts and Crafts:


More Fall Unit Study Ideas:

  • Host a fall pie-making party with other homeschooling friends.
  • These fall-themed printables are the perfect way to bring a bit of fall into your homeschool and learn all at the same time.
  • Bring your homeschool outdoors with this fall scavenger hunt!
  • Make these simple Pumpkin Bird Feeders with your kiddos and hang them out for the birds to enjoy!
  • Or make this Pumpkin Spice Playdough and have your child use the printable playdough mats to practice numbers and letters!

Pick and choose from the ideas and activities we’ve listed here or make up some of your own! But no matter what you do with your children this fall, have some fun learning together!