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Eswatini: ITUC Condemns Violence And Repression Of Peaceful Protesters

The International Trade Union Confederation
written to the acting Prime Minister of
calling for an end to the
violent repression of peaceful protesters in his

Protests began on 26 June when
campaigners were prevented from delivering a petition to the
government calling for a constitutionally established
democracy. Since then the government has used brutal force
to stamp out pro-democracy protests, with reports that many
people have been killed. Others have been injured, some
seriously with gunshot wounds, and many more

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary, said:
“Pro-democracy demonstrations have persisted in Eswatini
for decades and they will continue until the government
listens to the will of the people.

“We condemn the
use of violence against peaceful protesters and we are
deeply concerned that the government crackdown is disrupting
people working lives. This could plunge thousands of
households into crippling poverty with no social protection
to support them.

“We implore the Eswatani government
to stop the violence, release all prisoners of conscience,
respect the right to peaceful assembly and engage in
meaningful dialogue with the people of Eswatini to build a
democratic and resilient society. To enable this we call on
the United Nations, the African Union and the Southern
African Development Community to intervene and facilitate
dialogue between all

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