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Ethiopia: Premier Says Wenchi Project Invigorates Ethiopia’s Ecotourism

ADDIS ABABA – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) said that the Wenchi Dendi Integrated Ecotourism Project, which is part of his national greenery initiative, would have a paramount importance to invigorate Ethiopia’s ecotourism potential apart from availing recreational opportunity to the nearby community.

The Premier made the above remark yesterday while launching the greenery project in Wenchi, South Western Shewa Zone of Oromia State.

Upon completion, the planned project will serve to horse riding, marathon race as well as other competitive and recreational activities, he elaborated. It is planned to host a half-marathon race in the area with a view to promoting sport tourism.

Abiy further stated that the project is loading huge opportunity to the nearby community in terms of job creation and enhance the area’s agricultural and service activities.

Noting that the materialization of the project depends on enduring stability and society’s culture of inclusivity, the PM stressed that a lot is expected from the nearby communities to cherish the longstanding coexistence and peace of the country.

The government will exert maximum efforts to equip the project with the required expertise and finance in a bid to ensure public benefit, the Premier remarked. At the event, Prime Minister Abiy was accompanied by House Speaker Tagesse Chafo and Oromia State President Shimeles Abdissa, it was learnt.

The Ethiopian Herald 21 March 2021