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Only 10% of educational media from print to video and XR is from people of color globally. Text GIFT or CULTURE to (202) 858-1233 to support more inclusive stories and supplementary learning materials globally.

DreamGalaxy Academy seeks to use the DreamGalaxy Fund to produce, curate, and distribute culturally relevant learning materials globally. Already in 1200 cities and 131 countries globally with interest from 610 schools and growing, we seek to answer the simple question: Do you have stories from my country or culture? Join us and help us tell your story, our story. As seen on TED, everyone has a story, and every story matters. 

DreamGalaxy Academy is the perfect app for your students this year, bringing the world to students through engaging and culturally relevant educational media. Our LEAP2STEM curation focuses on Languages, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Civics|Policy, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths). 

Thank you for supporting multicultural educational media and learning materials production and distribution for homeschooling, K12, and Higher ED. 

“It does not get better than this.” – African Billionaire Mr. Tony Elumelu, an Africapitalist and Banker,  on inclusive education

“You have just delivered a lesson plan! ” – Teacher Henry of Lang’ata Primary School (Nairobi, KENYA)

“I wish the whole school would have an opportunity to learn like this!” – Deputy Head Teacher, Utawala Academy

“Thank you for making learning exciting and engaging for (all) our children.” – Teacher Hannington of Westlands Primary School

“We love it!” – PS 51 The ELIAS HOWE SCHOOL Students on Storytime by DreamGalaxy Pilots (NYC DOE)