Aiko Series

Aiko’s Playschool is an edutainment preschool series specifically created for online learning especially now that social distancing is necessary for a post-COVID-19 era. Six-year-old Aiko and her four-year-old friends, Lil Jack and Jill love to sing and play. Together they learn new letters, numbers, and words. In each episode, Aiko introduces the kids to an important life lesson or topic, the way an older sister will to a younger sibling. Aiko’s Playschool is multi-racially with a lead female character. All episodes follow a preschool learning structure of “Activity & Play”, “Counting”, “Sing-Along”, “Word Gallery”, “Alphabet Song” and a closing reminder of “Regular hand washing”.Kids all over the World can join Aiko in her playschool as she learns more about things around her.

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