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South Africa: Outgoing Satrix CEO Helena Conradie Talks Shares, Funds and Financial Inclusion

south africa outgoing satrix ceo helena conradie talks shares funds and financial inclusion
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It wasn’t that long ago that investing in stocks listed on the JSE was for wealthier people, people who by virtue of their education or passed-down knowledge knew how the system worked. You needed a stockbroker and a minimum investment of at least a thousand rand or two.

First published in the Daily Maverick 168 weekly newspaper.

How things have changed. Today investors have dozens of affordable online stockbroking platforms to choose from, complete with online tutorials. These platforms range from full-service online stockbrokers to funky low-cost options like EasyEquities, where individuals can invest as little as R50 in fractions of shares – both locally and internationally.

My guest at lunch today is Helena Conradie, the outgoing CEO of Satrix, who has witnessed this change first-hand over the past 20-odd years. We are having lunch at the aptly named I Love the Dough, a pizza-house-cum-cocktail-bar located on Bree Street in Cape Town. With its candyfloss pink walls, neon signs and giant dinosaur mural, we suspect that, had the joint been full, we would easily have been the oldest people in it. Except that it wasn’t full. Just five days after restaurants were allowed to reopen and the booze ban lifted,…