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Submit your Media to DreamGalaxy Academy

Submit your media for global distribution across web, mobile, tablet, Chromebooks, and Smart TVs. DreamGalaxy Academy seeks culturally relevant educational media and brands to DreamGalaxy academy curates and distributes authentic and inclusive educational media and seeks media and content partners like you. We offer the following:

Non-exclusive global distribution on the web, mobile, Chromebooks, and smart tvs with an 80% revenue share (80:20) for content partners.

Real time dashboard for user engagement numbers by city, country and region.

Social media, newsletter, website and app promotions as featured content.

$9.99/month home subscriptions or $4,999/year annual school licences.

To submit to our mobile, tablet, Chromebook, and smartTV app, please use buttons above and “Submit Now”. To submit for website streaming, please email files, cover images, and synopsis to via , Google Drive, DropBox, or other file sharing services as zip folder and we will create a web playlist/course page for your media.

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Global Media Distribution at 80:20 Revenue Share and Real Time Audience Dashboards!
175 Varick St New York, NY 10014
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday9:00 am – 5:00 pm