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ARIPO Director General talks about his vision for the future of the Office

General Staff Meeting

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On assuming the role of Director General of the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), Mr Bemanya Twebaze has had the opportunity to meet staff across the entire Organization to review the 2021 annual work-plans and to share his vision for the future of the Office with all staff underpinned under the theme “creating value together”.  In his remarks, the Director General highlighted that one of the major challenges confronting the Office relates to sustainability in the face of a rapidly changing environment and a shifting IP landscape in Africa in the wake of calls for more integration on the continent.

In response to these challenges, the focus is to build on past achievements and endeavors to deliver a Regional Intellectual Property (IP) Office that balances the needs of all its stakeholders, both in the current IP landscape and the IP environment through:

  • Strengthening the ARIPO Legal Framework;
  • Growth strategy through communication and demonstration of value of the Organization to its Member States and Users of the ARIPO System;
  • Financial sustainability of the Organization;
  • Human capital development to deliver value;
  • Positioning ARIPO for the 4th industrial revolution; and, 
  • Embracing COVID-19 induced opportunities for success post the pandemic.

In recognition of the responsibility to create value for the Member States and non-Member States, Users of the ARIPO system, the staff at the Secretariat, and the African continent at large, the Organization will transform itself through the simplification of internal processes and improved information and communication technology tools to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness. It is envisaged that there will be exciting times ahead, characterized by some stretching wherein everyone shall be held accountable for their performance and it is imperative for all staff to rally behind the vision to ‘create value together’. Most if not all staff expressed their commitment to rally behind the Director General’s vision to take ARIPO to greater heights

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