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Sunflower Batik Art Project for Kids

This Sunflower Batik Art project is perfect for kids of all ages!  The final product is a unique and aged look to a beautiful sunflower print.  Each child’s artwork will be unique and different!  


“Home, home on the range!  Where the deer and the antelope play…”  Our state turned 160 years old yesterday on January 29th!  The Kansas state flower is the Sunflower, so we decided to create some art to commemorate our home state with this Sunflower Batik.


Although sunflowers are native to Kansas, batik artwork did not originate in North America.  It is actually an ancient art practice, native to Southeast Asia, that uses wax-resistant dye on fabric.  Because of this, our sunflower batiks are not a “true” batik but rather a representation of the process, modified using paper.  We tweaked the process to fit our purpose and my kids loved it!  We want to try making a true batik using muslin next!


Materials you will need:

-Brown Acrylic Paint
-A squirt of hand soap (we used Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap and it worked great)
-Access to a sink with water


How to Make a Sunflower Batik

1. Use Oil-Pastels to make a sunflower design on a piece of cardstock paper.


2.  Gently wad up the paper, artwork side in, being careful not to tear the paper.  Unfold the paper and place on a tray.



3.  Pour brown paint into a bowl and mix a squirt of foaming hand soap in with the paint.  Use the paintbrush to paint the brown mixture onto the artwork.



4.  Cover the entire surface with the paint mixture.



5.  Before the paint dries, quickly (and carefully) rinse all of the paint off of the paper in the sink.  Again, be careful not to tear the paper.





6.  Place the wet paper onto a tray and let it dry.  Once dry, place under a stack of books to flatten.




Here are our unique sunflower designs!  I love how they turned out!



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September 11th Remembrance Art Collage


As we are homeschooling this year, I wanted to take the time on September 11th to remember and honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks.  Most of us Americans (who are old enough) can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we first learned of the September 11th attacks.  We vowed we would never forget…and part of that is sharing this tragic part of our past with our children.


I came up with this collage idea on a whim, on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary and am quickly sharing this printable in hopes that you might be able to use it with your children or students.  I originally wanted to use newspaper clippings, but those are pretty rare to find these days and I certainly wouldn’t want to ruin them by making art on them.  So I plan to have my kids paint a flag over this newspaper clippings printable (printed on cardstock) and then add two black rectangles to represent the twin towers.   If you try this with your children, please email me at with pictures of your final product!


I made a very quick example using Kwik Stix (tempera paint sticks) for the flag and watercolors for the twin towers.  I’ll share what my kids create after tomorrow!


Download the September 11th Newspaper Clippings Printable


I would also encourage you to visit the website where you will find resources for educators and parents wishing to teach varying ages of children about the September 11th attacks.



What are some books or resources you have found helpful in teaching your child about September 11th?