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Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February

February is full of days that give us the opportunity to introduce some incredible books to kids. From Groundhog’s day, Valentine’s day, President’s day and more, the possibilities keep on piling up. To help you find some new gems for your library, I have put together a list of great books to read with your kids in February.

Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February-This month is full of days that give us the opportunity to introduce some incredible books to kids. Here are great books to read with your kids in February!

Reading aloud to and with your kids is important. Not only does it give them the ability to expand their language skills but it also gives us a chance to teach our kids about different subjects and situations.  The only hard part about reading to your kids is discovering new (and old) favorites. This list will help you find the perfect choices for your family so you can get down to the important part… reading stories.

Great Books to Read in February

Groundhog’s Day Off: This story starts with the groundhog going on vacation. But who will take his spot when it is time to predict the end of winter?

Groundhog’s Dilemma: All of the animals in the forest believe that groundhog can control the weather. But once the weather doesn’t change, groundhog has to tell them the truth.

The Story of Snow The Science of Winter’s Wonderland: If your kids have ever asked you about how a snowflake forms or how does it get so cold, this book is the perfect way to get the answer to all of those questions.

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Sweet nothings are paired up with the adorable illustrations of Eric Carle. The perfect Valentine’s day book for any kiddo of every age.

I Love You to the Moon and Back: An adorable way to show your kids just how much you love them.



Foxy in Love: Find out just what Valentine’s day means thanks to Foxy and his creative way.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!: From the author that brought you; If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, brings another adorable tale to the table with this Valentine’s day story.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose!: Get ready for some giggles with this fun book.

I Love You Stinky Face: A hilarious book that shows just how much a mom can love their children…. even if they are swamp monsters.



A Picture Book of Rosa Parks: This book follows Rosa Park’s life from childhood to adulthood. It is a great way to take an indepth look into her life. For younger kiddos, I am Rosa Parks, is the perfect way to introduce this incredible women.

President’s Day: A great story about a play that kids put on during class to learn about the Presidents of the United States. The story also ends with an election that takes place in the classroom.

Thomas Jefferson for Kids: Learn all about Thomas Jefferson and how he came to be President.

Jurassic Classics: The Presidential Masters of Prehistory: This book brings dinosaurs and presidents together to share a story during prehistoric times. I know everyone will laugh at some of these characters names including Theodore Rexevelt and Abraham Lincolnator.

Animals Hibernating: How do animals survive during the winter? Discover the answers in this book.



The Hibernating House: Step inside the hibernating house where things change every season and a family makes memories.

Baby Bear’s Not Hibernating: Read this book to find out what happens when baby bear decides hibernating isn’t for him.

Over and Under the Snow: Go on a cross country ski trip where you will discover what animals are hibernating under the snow.

Animals in Winter: This classic book has been given a makeover. A must have for every home library.

Hibernation Station: This is a good book to introduce younger kids to hibernating animals. A sweet story that will hopefully help your kiddo fall asleep at night.

The Little House Collection: Since Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthday is in February, this gives us the perfect opportunity to read the Little House books.



I can’t wait to get started on this list! There are so many wonderful books ready to be devoured. 

More Great Book Suggestions:



 Great Books to Read with Your Kids in February

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Books for Animal Lovers

Whether we’re strewing or following an interest-led unit study, I love having stacks of books around on topics my kiddos are excited about. We’ve gone through some pretty interesting obsessions, spent years following rabbit trails, and immersed ourselves in a pretty varied number of topics. One of the most enduring interests, however, has been animals.

Whether it was oohing and ahhing as toddlers or memorizing interesting facts to spout off at the dentist’s office, animals have always been an easy interest to embrace. There seems to be no limit to species, habitats, diets, and more to learn about, so animals are a solid choice for unit studies, science subjects, gifts, art projects, or just entertainment! I’ve pulled together lists of books that range from educational to entertaining, something for the toddler and the teenager, books that are breathtaking to look at and interesting to read. Go wild! 

 books for animal lovers

Books for Animal Lovers to Learn More

Not all animal books are created equal, as any animal lover will attest to. Often they’re full of colorful photos and short paragraphs, but nothing new to feed the interests of a creature nut. The Horse Encyclopedia is a beautiful volume covering everything from the history of horses to their care and breed standards. A fun and quirky book, The Truth About Animals is packed full of interesting – and sometimes hilarious – stories about how animals behave outside of cute viral clips. Vanishing is a stunning book featuring vulnerable and endangered species that will surely be appreciated by the most avid of animal lovers. A gorgeous gift, An Anthology of Intriguing Animals is full of great information, where on the other end of the spectrum is Ugly Animals, a hilariously fun and interesting book packed with less attractive members of the animal kingdom and wildly interesting facts about them. Another interesting angle is The Wildlife Detectives, which details the science of overpopulation and how ecosystems can be affected by just one species.


Books Featuring Animals as the Main Character

There is something so comforting and timeless about snuggling up to enjoy a tale told by a character with a tail. Many beloved stories of my own youth featured animals as the main characters, and I’ve loved sharing them with my family and finding new classics! Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH begins a trilogy of lovable and gifted rats that are downright human. More recent favorites, The One and Only Ivan and The One and Only Bob are moving and engaging stories of animals experiencing emotions we can all relate to. As a bonus, The One and Only Ivan was recently adapted into a movie! The Redwall series is packed full of action, historical fantasy, and lovable rodents, with so many books that your animal lover will be engrossed for months. A fun and lovable classic, The Cricket in Times Square is a must read, and Call of the Wild graphic novel is a unique way to enjoy another standby animal story. One of my own favorites as a child, Black Beauty has sequals, numerous movie adaptations, and a beautiful story. Something new and fun, The Finn Chronicles: Year One is a quirky collection of stories told from the perspective of a therapy dog. My own animal-loving kiddos loved Pax and the enormous collection of Guardians of Ga’Hoole books, another series that will enthrall for months on end. 


Books for Young Animal Lovers

It’s a simple fact – kids love animals. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kids of all ages are entertained and excited by furry, flying, scaly creatures. The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids offers tons of interesting photos and facts, and Jake the Growling Dog uses a pup to discuss emotions and the control we have over them. Perfect for the youngest of animal fans, First 100 Animals and the  Alpha Tales box set are colorful and educational, promising plenty of repeat readings. After Dark is full of poems about nocturnal creatures, and the DK readers like All About Bats are great resources for emerging readers who love animals.


If you’ve got an animal lover in your life, you’ll want to snap up several of these titles! Whether you use them to entertain or educate, your whole family will be certain to enjoy them. Use them in a strewing stack, a morning basket, as an animal unit spine, or just the fun of reading a good book together. Enjoy learning about so many interesting creatures, and be sure to let me know in the comments what books for animal lovers you’ve enjoyed!

books for animal lovers

More resources are now available for your child, and for you!

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Stocking Stuffers for Gifted Kids

Stocking stuffers can be so frustrating. It can be difficult to find quality gifts to include in the stockings hung by the fire with care, with such limited space and already over-stretched budgets. It’s tempting to just buy a bag of candy and toss in some socks (which I would love for myself), but when you’ve got gifted kids they’re not always so easily pleased. If a trinket doesn’t hold their attention or challenge them, they’ll toss it aside and you’ll have wasted your money. Gifted kids don’t just need novelty, they crave it. I’m sharing a handful of novel stocking stuffers that will not only delight your gifted kids, but put their brilliant brains to work!

 stocking stuffer

Stocking Stuffers to Inspire Creativity

I believe that some of the best toys are open-ended items that allow all the room possible for a kiddo to stretch their imagination. My kids don’t exactly appreciate receiving an empty box as a gift, so I’ve found these tried-and-true stocking stuffers that allow for creative play with few instructions. If you’ve had a gifted child in your life for any amount of time, you’ve likely discovered the obsession and absolute passion that they have for tape. Seriously. They go through so much tape that I finally decided to lean into it and put rolls in their stockings, and every year they’re thrilled to get it! My fidgety son loves these mini magnetic balls and will spend tons of quiet time making creations with them, just as all of my kids do with their Plus Plus neon set and the packages of Wikki Stix I keep in my purse. This More Origami pack is compact and packed with creative tasks. This set of dual tip markers is fantastic for creating art, practicing calligraphy, or anything else a creative kiddo might want to try with both brush and precision tips!


Stocking Stuffers to Stretch the Brain

My engineer-minded kiddos have most of these items and have gotten years of play out of them. These stocking stuffers are more than toys, they’re challenges, games, or in the case of my son and the speed cubes, obsessions. Kanoodle is a fantastic item to keep for on the go entertainment, and one of the items I always suggest for gifted kiddo gifts. The Cat Stax and Dog Pile bundle is a fun twist on tanagrams and has the added bonus of being a game! This Domino Cube is novel enough to draw your kiddos in, and challenging enough to keep them hooked. A puzzle book like The Best Brain Teasers is always a great stocking stuffer, perfect to keep in the car or a backpack. Did you know that there is more than one kind of Rubik’s cube? This set of 5 speed cubes is a good start to collecting all of the variations, each with their own unique algorithms. Another fun and compact challenge to is this Foldology pack, requiring kids to really wrinkle their brains and use creativity. 


STEM Stocking Stuffers

These stocking stuffers come with a little more instruction, but they’re easy and educational for kids. This balloon helicopter doubles as a fun party favor while teaching a bit of physics. Don’t let the age rage on these bath pipes fool you, they’re fun for all ages! Grab a few sets of them and see how much more fun bath time can become, or just use them to trick your kiddos into the bath! Tenzi is a fun gift that the whole family can enjoy, like these fraction and decimal dominoes. I can’t tell you how much I would have loved one of these digital bookmarks when I was growing up, but it may be a good thing I didn’t have a lock picking set, which is a surprisingly well-loved gift among the engineer-minded kiddos! 


Don’t fill those stocking with cheap knick knacks and filler candy this year, make them just as exciting as what waits beneath the tree. These stocking stuffers do double duty as both fun gifts and educational tools, so you’ll feel just as good about giving them as your kids will about receiving them. Be sure to share some of your favorite stocking stuffers in the comments, and happy shopping!

stocking stuffers for gifted kids

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Great Gifts for LEGO Lovers

My kids love LEGO. My husband loves LEGO. Nearly anyone who walks into my home and spots a pile of LEGOs will walk over, without hesitation, and start building with them. LEGOs are universal – open-ended, creativity-building, STEM-encouraging, foot-gnashing fun for people of all ages. There is almost no limit to what can be made with LEGO! Because of their broad and consistent appeal, LEGO gifts are always a good bet for just about anyone on your list. Whether you’ve got a novice builder or a seasoned brickhead, wrapping up some buildable bricks is a surefire way to please.

Not all LEGO gifts are building sets, though. I’m sharing with you some great ideas for the LEGO lover in your life, items you may not have heard of, may not have thought of, but you’ll definitely be excited to buy! 

lego gifts

LEGO-Themed Gifts

If the LEGO lover on your list has all of the sets imaginable – or just all of the ones that you can afford – consider some of these LEGO gifts that hint at play rather than rattle when you shake the box. More than just a minifigure display, though that’s always a great gift, too, these LEGO gifts can be used for a number of purposes beyond building! This rubber sport watch has the classic look of building blocks but the usefulness of telling time – which comes particularly in handy when trying to keep track of how much time is spent playing with LEGO! These Lego brick top gel pens are one of the coolest items I’ve found yet and will definitely be finding their way into a few stockings at my house. The brick mug is a classic gift for LEGO enthusiasts, whether they build over morning coffee or create a world around a giant water hole. A more recent addition to the LEGO line up, the LEGO DOTS desk organizer turns an ordinary office necessity into a fun building project! LEGO print socks are a wonderfully subtle way for people of all ages to express their love for building blocks, from cozying up on the couch to strolling into the boardroom. And no list would be complete without a family favorite of ours, the Brick Fairy Tales & Brick Myths box set, featuring comic book-style retellings of classic tales, using only LEGO! 


LEGO Building Gifts

Too often when someone is in search of LEGO gifts, they limit themselves to the yellow box with the white logo. Not all LEGO gifts have to come from the primary-colored aisle of the store, though – there are tons of brilliant LEGO gifts, building blocks, and more that can be found all over! CreativeQT, for example, has loads of fun and unique LEGO-compatible items that can surprise and delight. This brick-compatible letter board is a fun twist on the farmhouse letterboards that are so popular right now, and make a perfect message board for a dorm room, kids’ room, kitchen, or office. The StoryBricks brick letters are the perfect companion for the board, even including numbers and some punctuation. Something my kids will be absolutely thrilled about are these Pixel Bricks, actual one-by-one pieces that are usually so lacking in LEGO sets. They moan about what could be built if they had single bricks – or if they hadn’t lost the ones they had – and these are the perfect item to truly create anything! This play table and storage case is similar to the one we have, and it’s incredibly useful. Many parents would be thrilled to received this storage basket and play mat that not only keeps LEGO from plotting against their feet, but looks stylish when stored away. And what LEGO lovers room would be complete without a wall plate that they can build right on? Whether attached to a table, a wall, or even a ceiling, these plates make it possible to build anywhere! 


Unique LEGO Sets

Now it would be pretty impossible to have a list of LEGO gifts that didn’t include a few cool sets, right? My kids have built just about every Star Wars, Marvel, Architecture, and LEGO Friends set out there, so it gets difficult to find unique sets for them. This LEGO playable piano is a DIY build that actually results in a small, playable piano! The  LEGO calendar set gives function to the fun of building by creating something useful, while this brick art set creates an actual work of art – “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, to be exact. Another instance of utilizing what’s built is this LEGO chess set, the perfect crossover gift for enthusiasts of both! My oldest son adores the Architecture line, and this LEGO Architecture White House set is just one of many breath-taking buildings that he has built. For more flexibility, the LEGO maze is a set that can be changed up and enjoyed many times over, promising more than just a one-time build and plenty of smiles. 


LEGO is an institution, almost a pillar of childhood. The pieces age well and offer up the same possibilities as a blank page or an empty box. We can do almost anything with LEGO, so giving LEGO gifts is one of the safest ways to ensure that everyone is happy. You might even want to gift a subscription to Brick Swag! Enjoy this list, grab a few things for yourself, and let me know in the comments what your favorite LEGO set ever was!

lego gifts

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Great Gifts for Animal Lovers

My house has been a miniature zoo for as long as I can remember. You’ve probably seen our turtles swimming calmly in the background of some of my Facebook live videos. We became chicken keepers this year. At any given moment you can catch my youngest daughter snuggling a gerbil, our rabbit, or a lizard she’s found outside. Our dog, Bellatrix, makes frequent appearances on my social media, and that same animal-loving daughter of mine is angling to add a horse to our menagerie in the future. We love animals around here, and I know we’re not alone!

Animals are a great equalizer, typically loved by people of all ages. A cute puppy video or a funny goat picture can elicit a grin from just about anyone – it’s not tough to brighten a day with an animal! But when you’re dealing with an animal lover like my daughter, when you’re searching for gifts for animal lovers who have extensive knowledge of animal husbandry and obscure species, it can be a little tough to find that special something. I’m sharing great finds for animal lovers of all ages to help make your shopping a little easier – you may want to even snag a few of them for yourself! 

gifts for animal lovers

Educational gifts

Animal lovers cannot get enough when it comes to learning more about the furry, feathered, or scaly creatures of the world. There are so many interesting species that there seems to be a bottomless amount of material to devour, information to memorize, photos to marvel at. Check out some of these educational gifts for animal lovers that will satisfy their curiosity and quicken their hearts!  One of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever owned, Endangered is an engrossing book filled with stunning photography and compelling information about our world’s most endangered species. Another favorite here, The Ugly Animals, is as interesting as it is entertaining, with page after page of laugh-inducing and interesting animals you may never have heard of (and, full disclosure, occasional descriptions of unusual mating habits). Insecta is another of my favorites, an enormous book filled with mind-blowing macro photography of bugs that looks more like art than insect! Not forgetting the finned friends, Ocean Bingo is a fun way to learn about and appreciate the aquatic animals of our world. This tiger anatomy model makes for a great learning tool as well as a bit of decor (and there are dozens of other animal models to choose from!). Zoology for Kids comes from one of my favorite series of books and is packed with information about animals, caring for them, facts, and even activities! Younger animal lovers can enjoy a fox coloring and activity book or this animal kingdom talking book, while an animal tracks matching game involves the whole family. And just for fun, this Poodunnit animal tracking book is equal parts entertaining and educational!


Cozy gifts

Animal lovers are notorious cuddlers! Whether stroking a purring cat, snoozing with a sleepy pup, or forming a bond with a farm animal, there is something so healing about snuggling up with a furry friend. Sometimes, though, obstacles like allergies, weather, space, or access may keep your little creature hound (pun intended) from being able to embrace a pet. Snag some of these cozy gifts that can be worn or snuggled any time! This corgi tush pillow brings such a smile to my face – imagine carrying it onto a plane for your next trip! For the pet parent who can’t bear to be parted with their fur baby, a hoodie with cat or puppy pouch is actually quite practical. Few people know much about water bears, and even fewer get the chance to see one for themselves. Grab this tardigrade plush for the quirky animal lover who will appreciate such a unique creature! It doesn’t get much cozier than wrapping up in a wearable sloth blanket and warming your toes in proboscis monkey slippers, while your kiddo snuggles into their alligator tail blanket!


Stocking Stuffers

These easy gifts for animal lovers come in small packages but have a big impact! These horse hoof socks are a unique idea for the horse-lover on your list, while this rose gold paw print necklace is a subtle and beautiful way to express your animal enthusiasm. I think I’m going to order this monkey vegetable peeler for myself, to brighten up boring cooking prep! A perfect stocking stuffer for an animal-loving bookworm is this cat book light, or this funky axolotl composition notebook for your writers and poets (or just for fun school subjects). This screaming goat figure and book is too funny not to be enjoyed by just about anyone!


Finding gifts for animal lovers can be as fun to search for as they are to receive – I had so much fun creating this post that I added a few of the items to my cart! Animals have long provided emotional support, companionship, wonder, fun, and sport to us humans, it’s no wonder that they hold such special places in our hearts. Whether you’re looking for something quirky, cozy, or cool, I’m sure you’ve found something just right for the creature connoisseur in your life!

gifts for animal lovers

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A Million Things You Haven’t Found | Gifts for Hamilton Fans

If you’re a fan of musicals, history, or know someone with a Disney+ subscription, you’ve probably found yourself a little swept up in Hamilton-mania. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – we’ve been singing King George’s hilarious lines and triumphantly fist-bumping along with the Schuyler sisters for years, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. Thanks to it’s arrival on Disney’s streaming service, Hamilton has enjoyed a recent surge and added to the already massive fan base, leaving just about everyone with a Lafayette-loving revolutionary on their shopping list. Fortunately, I’m not throwing away my shot! Instead, I’ve gathered a fantastic list of gifts for Hamilton fans, full of unique and lovable items that even Aaron Burr wouldn’t be afraid to declare his excitement over! 

 gifts for hamilton fans

Fun Gifts for Hamilton Fans

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or a way to proudly display your love for all things Hamilton, these gift ideas have got just what you need. This historical figure hoodie is a spot-on sweatshirt that will keep you warm at Chesapeake Bay or lounging in the living room. When you’ve got to smuggle in British secrets or take some snacks along, a Hamilton backpack is a great choice to carry your goods. This Schuyler sisters shirt has already been debuted in our home and is such a favorite that I have to plead with my daughter to wash it before wearing it again. A Hamilton throw blanket is a solid gift for any fan, as is this King George mug that will have you humming before breakfast is over. A Hamilton 365-day calendar is a wonderful way to celebrate your excitement in a more subtle way, as is this colorful Schuyler sisters phone case or even this Hamilton pencil case. Whether you need to be inspired to rise and shine or fight a revolution, this Rise Up wall art is a great way to add the spirit of Hamilton to your home decor.


Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Hamilton Fans

If you’re looking for a smaller gift, a stocking stuffer, or a just-because, day-brightening gift, check out these smaller items that still make a big impact. A set of Hamiltones colored pencils – with Hamilton-themed punny names – is fun for just about anyone! A Hamilton lanyard is a great choice for the fan who needs to wear an ID, such a s nurse or teacher. Another universal gift, a Hamilton sticker set is a wonderful way for fans of all ages to decide how to display their enthusiasm. An Alexander Hamilton nametag pin or this Work! pin are other options for displaying your support of the $10 founding father, as is this Hamilton keychain. I’m planning on getting a song lyric necklace for my own obsessed daughter, along with this bracelet hair band holder as subtle ways for her to celebrate her favorite musical without dressing up as Peggy everywhere she goes. And this wooden Hamilton bookmark makes for the perfect companion to any of the gifts for Hamilton fans below! 


Gifts for Hamilton Fans That Go Beyond the Show

You may be able to spout every lyric to “Guns and Ships”, but do you know the historical context of the raps and rhymes? Load up on these excellent resources that will deepen your knowledge of Alexander Hamilton and strengthen your appreciation of just how masterfully history was put to verse. George vs. George is a fun book that explains the American Revolution from the sides of both Georges – King George III and George Washington. For superfans of the show, Hamilton: The Revolution contains backstage photos, cast stories, and much, much more insider information from the actors themselves. This Eliza Hamilton: Founding Mother reader is a perfect choice for emerging readers looking to learn more about their favorite beatboxing Schuyler sister. The book that started it all, Ron Chernow’s biography Alexander Hamilton is a must-have for any Hamilton or history fan. For even more context, The American Revolution: A Visual History is a beautiful book filled with facts and information from the war that turned the world upside down. The Hamilton Papers go into more depth over A. Ham’s infamous confessionals, and a favorite among lovers of historical fiction, a copy of I Survived The American Revolution will surely be gobbled up by your kiddos. Useful for a gift or your homeschool, this  Who Was…. founding fathers set would pair perfectly with a unit study from Waldock Way. And of course we can’t wait for Thomas Jefferson to include women in the sequel!  Women Heroes of the American Revolution shares intriguing and exciting stories of female spies, soldiers, nurses, and more!


Whoever the Hamilton fan in your life is, there’s surely something to delight them on this list. Educational, entertaining, and somehow original, Hamilton has brought history to the spotlight and inspired a new generation of learning in brand-new ways. The songs are catchy, the lyrics are brilliant, the characters are compelling, and the show is one that can be enjoyed on repeat for months (ask me how I know!). It’s not hard to fall in love with Hamilton, and now it won’t be difficult to find gifts for Hamilton fans… even if they’re for yourself!

gifts for hamilton fans

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Legendary Gifts for Mythology Lovers

Do your kiddos get as obsessive about mythologies and rich backstories as mine do? I’m sure that’s why they’re also such big fans of stories like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter! Nothing beats the combination of history, astronomy, and mythology, however, like the ancient myths. Greek, Roman, Norse, Celtic… there are […]

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Out of This World Astronomy Finds

One of the most beautiful features of our new home has been seeing the night sky away from city lights and pollution. What my kids once always knew as dark has since become brilliantly illuminated with stars, constellations, meteor showers, and sometimes even planets! And since homeschooling offers us the flexibility to learn whenever we […]

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