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Privacy & Security for Wealth Management Professionals

Cyber criminals across the globe are looking to steal your cell phone number!  Unfortunately, cell phone carriers aren’t doing enough when it comes to security allowing cyber criminals to exploit carrier loopholes and attack their favorite targets:  

  • High-Net Worth Individuals
  • High-Profile Influencers
  • Investigative Reporters
  • Financial Advisors
  • Attorneys & Doctors
  • Enterprise Customers
  • Anyone conducting financial transactions on a mobile device 

Once cyber criminals have your cell phone number, they’ll purchase your personal information and execute a SIM swap scam (also known as a port-out scam, SIM splitting, and simjacking, SIM swapping).  

This type of attack leverages a mobile phone carrier’s ability to port a telephone number to a device containing a different Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).  Typically, this occurs when a customer has lost their phone, had their phone stolen, or is switching service to a new phone. Victims of SIM Swap scams can end up losing their entire life savings, reputation & careers as a victim of this unique attack.

We’re bringing a 30-min session followed by a 20 min Q & A on this topic where we’ll cover

DATE: Wednesday, September 16th 

TIME: 9:30 AM Pacific Time / 12:30 PM Eastern Time (50-Minutes)


  • Risks around your current cell phone number
  • Basics of SIM Swap Attacks & how it’s performed
  • Common practices to mitigate it
  • What to do after being a victim
  • Q & A