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Tanzania: Envoys Told to Seek Markets for Tanzanian Products

AMBASSADORS representing the country abroad have been directed to plan, participate and seek opportunities that will enable various Tanzanian products to secure reliable markets in their respective countries.

The directive was issued by Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, when talking to ambassadors representing Tanzania abroad.

He said that the ruling party (CCM) manifesto clearly articulates economic diplomacy, while strengthening the country’s voice and image on the fields of regional and international relations.

Prof Kabudi added that in order to achieve this, ambassadors are required to strengthen Tanzania’s participation in other international organisations including, Indian Ocean Rim Association, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, South South Commission and South West Indian Ocean Fisheries Commission.

He also asked the ambassadors to implement the instructions of the President of Zanzibar and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council, Dr Hussein Mwinyi that he gave while inaugurating the House of Representatives, in which, he demanded the fully exploitation of Blue Economy.

Prof Kabudi pointed out that deep sea fishing was beneficial to the people; especially in increasing revenue, employment and economic growth.

Also Prof Kabudi said the government recognises and appreciates the contribution made by Tanzanians living abroad (Diasporas) in the development of the country and directed the ambassadors to start and improve diaspora data as well as encourage them to establish their own communities.

“I am aware that the work is ongoing and we currently have approximately 98,658 diaspora data and there are 77 diaspora communities. I would like to stress on the importance of our ambassadors improving and speeding this process by devising various ways to register them,” Prof Kabudi emphasised.

The meeting between the minister and ambassadors representing the country was also attended by the Deputy Minister Dr William Tate Ole Nasha, Permanent Secretary Brigadier General Wilbert Ibuge, together with directors, heads of departments and units of the ministry.