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What Does A Gifted Homeschool Graduate Really Think About Homeschooling?

what does a gifted homeschool graduate really think about homeschooling

Have you ever wanted to ask a homeschool graduate what they thought about their homeschool experience? Are you curious about what an adult life after homeschool looks like? I get all the answers from Samantha Shank, a brilliant homeschool graduate, highly successful business owner, and highly gifted, eclectic learner. 

What Does A Gifted Homeschool Graduate Really Think About Homeschooling?

I absolutely adored my conversation with Samantha Shank, from Learn in Color. Not only is she a homeschool graduate, she is also an obviously gifted, eclectic thinker, whose enthusiasm for learning is contagious.

These are some highlights from our time together.

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What Does A Gifted Homeschool Graduate Really Think About Homeschooling?

The Most Important Things Parents Can Do For Their Homeschooled Children

As a homeschool graduate, who graduated from high school and college early, Samantha believes the most important thing her parents did for her education was simply this – 

“They let me learn.”

Sam’s experience and ultimate success, is one of the reasons I feel so strongly that interest-led, child-directed learning produces the very best outcomes for gifted learners. For a example, her passion for World War Two was the flickering flame that launched an entire business. 

Other experiences that Samantha remembers as essential to her homeschool education were:

  • Weekly Library Trips
  • Encouraging Outside Groups and Connections (I think Samantha is going to be Miss America someday!)
  • Her parent’s encouraging her to try new things, knowing that not everything would be a fit
  • Helping her learn to fail in a safe and supportive environment

What Does A Gifted Homeschool Graduate Really Think About Homeschooling?

Homeschooling High School, College, and Beyond

One of the most encouraging topics we covered was Samantha’s homeschool experience through high school and college. It’s clear that her passion for learning fueled not only her studies and interests, but her ability to build a flourishing business.

She attributes much of this success to her parent’s decision to homeschool her, specifically in an interest-led eclectic way.

Samantha is also quite encouraging for those of us who worry about our kids not fitting in or struggling to establish friendships. Her advice for our kids?

Do you. It may not happen in your city or your area, but eventually, you will find your people who share your interests. Find your group of friends in your own nontraditional way. You don’t have to sacrifice your core personality for friendship.

Samantha Shank, Learn in Color

What Does A Gifted Homeschool Graduate Really Think About Homeschooling?

If you are homeschooling a gifted learner, I think you will not only enjoy Sam’s episode, but find so much inspiration and encouragement!

Samantha Shank, Learn in Color

The Raising Lifelong Leaners Podcast, Episode 111: A Conversation With Homeschool Graduate Turned Business Owner, Samantha Shank


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